Coach Training Leadership Development, 3 day training weekends, Apr & May 2019 - CTPRFMAM19WEY

Coach Training Leadership Development, 3 day training weekends, Apr & May 2019 - CTPRFMAM19WEY

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~Either Weekend 1 ('CORE 100'/Fundamentals of Kingdom Leadership Coaching) or previous Coach Training Programme Online or Residential***

Remaining weekends available during 2019 - Apr-12,13,14 (Breakthrough Weekend) and  May-17,18,19 (Activation Weekend)

Timings each training day: 10am-5.30pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

VENUE: Brooklands Hotel and Spa, Weybridge, Greater London Area, South West, (within 12 miles of Heathrow airport) United Kingdom 


£575 +VAT  / £690 inclusive of VAT* per weekend

 *All prices include course materials, refreshments and lunch during training days, but exclude overnight residential costs


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*Payment by instalments may be possible contact us at for more information. 

RESIDENTIAL PACKAGES: 1 or 2 night residential packages are available at the training venue and other venues nearby at an additional cost. Accommodation is at the training venue and is available for single or double occupancy. Click here for full information on accomodation. 

PHONE: UK 020 3900 2521 or International +44 20 3900 2521


Our unique, transformational coaching model trains you to coach the depths of the heart, with the power of Biblically based tools and the Holy Spirit! All this whilst following professional standards and being applicable both to Christians and in the marketplace on anyone.  


(Breakthrough Weekend)

-Coach encounter into different perspectives creatively to bring awareness & breakthrough

-Coach grace and authority (purpose development wheel)* to increase confidence

-Work with ‘metaviews’ and other tools to bring breakthrough by expanding options creatively

-Find your stretch as coach, discover the stronger lion in you

-Learn how to find the stretch in your coachees to take them further

-Find out how to activate a plan to enrol clients and get your next level of clients


-A ‘kingdom/God’ approach to activation

-Identify and work with a biblical perspective on life seasons* 

-Assess readiness holistically*
-Learn how to 'call forth' your coachee into greatness

-Coach with key activation tools
-Learn how to coach short, medium, long term & legacy activation

-Learn how to coach and co-create meaningful plans with your coachee

-Integrate the prophetic into activation and planning*

-Create encounters with God, the heart and the Spirit in the process of stepping forward

-Learn how to create a professional coaching practice with long-term sustainable client relationships

Previous leaders who participated said:

“Once anyone learns your coaching model they will never coach the same again!”

“I had high expectations for this training course, but it has exceeded my expectations”

“This is way more than a coaching skills training course, its deeper because God is in it. None of us will ever be the same again!”


Having attended our course you will understand that our tool kit in our coaching model is comprehensive. We are moving to a modular approach to delivering our training. 

As long as you have attended our Core Training (Weekend 1) or previously attended our complete programme either online or as a residential you can now attend one or more weekend as a standalone. 

Each weekend focuses on a particular part of our coaching model. So attending a weekend helps you to focus on really learning that part of the model well. 

    Tina Southgate

    Authored by Tina Southgate, the Co-Founder of Kingdom Coaching Network and Founder of Destiny Coaching Ministries. 

    This course is led by Tina and our in-house team of coach trainers who are  trained and experienced in this unique coaching model.

    This dynamic course will take you on an experience which will take your leadership to a whole new level, transform your thinking and open up a myriad of possibilities in the way you help people and bring the kingdom.  





      Each Weekend Course Format

      A total of 18 hours (3 days) of classroom based training, plus a leadership development online class

      This programme is approved by The Kingdom Coaching Network, a global community of believers who promote, train and develop leadership coaching resources to empower lives God's way.

      Professional Credentials

      Our course follows ICF (international Coach Federation). This is the best known globally recognized accreditation body for coaching.


      Previous courses have been attended by market leading professional coaches and trainers, church and ministry leaders and consultants. Those brand new to coaching AND those who have coached for many years.

      Jill McLachlan, Seasoned Professional Leadership Coach for 20+ years talks about her experience. 
      Donna King, Senior Leader at Eastgate Church, Gravesend, speaks of her experience. 


      How to sign up

      Simply select the weekend or weekends you want to attend and add it your cart.

      (To enquire about possible concessions for those that are unable to afford the full rate please email us.)


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