Fundamentals of Kingdom Leadership Coaching, 3 day weekend, UK SOUTH, 18/19/20 Jan 2019 - CTPRF19AGTRLON

Fundamentals of Kingdom Leadership Coaching, 3 day weekend, UK SOUTH, 18/19/20 Jan 2019 - CTPRF19AGTRLON

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DATES: 18/19/20 Jan 2019

Timings each training day: 10am-5.30pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

VENUE: Brooklands Hotel and Spa, Weybridge, Greater London Area, South West, (within 12 miles of Heathrow airport) United Kingdom 


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PHONE: UK 020 3900 2521 or International +44 20 3900 2521


What  if it's possible to transform a person's life in a single conversation? 

Our unique, transformational coaching model trains you to coach the depths of the heart, with the power of Biblically based tools and the Holy Spirit! All this whilst following professional standards and being applicable both to Christians and in the marketplace on anyone. 

On this fundamentals weekend you will experience the power of coaching using this unique model first hand through seeing live demonstrations and having hands on practical assignments to get you coaching straight away. You will leave equipped with fundamental tools from our unique model which will enable you to bring breakthrough to people on new levels than you will have experienced before.  

Previous leaders who participated said:

“Once anyone learns your coaching model they will never coach the same again!”

“I had high expectations for this training course, but it has exceeded my expectations”

“This is way more than a coaching skills training course, its deeper because God is in it. None of us will ever be the same again!”


    • Foundational Kingdom Coaching Training
    • 1 weekend –in premier training facility
    • Opportunity to continue on full residential programme should you desire (which includes the opportunity to license and become a professional coach)
    • Follows professional standards

Who is it for?

This weekend course is suitable for

  • leaders who want to expand their leadership toolkit and activate those they serve into the fullness of who they are
  • 'wannabe' coaches who want to try out the fundamentals of our toolkit with a view to setting themselves up as a professional coach, activating people into freedom, breakthrough and growth to reach their full potential 
  • professional coaches who want to experience an alternative, highly transformative model, which provides powerful spiritual Christian Biblically based tools, including calling and destiny tools
  • Note: although based on Biblical principles this unique coaching toolkit can be used on anyone of any faith, in the market place and anywhere!
Tina Southgate

Authored by Tina Southgate, the Co-Founder of Kingdom Coaching Network and Founder of Destiny Coaching Ministries. 

This course is led by Tina and our in-house team of coach trainers who are fully trained and experienced in this unique coaching model.

This dynamic course will take you on an experience which will take your leadership to a whole new level, transform your thinking and open up a myriad of possibilities in the way you help people and bring the kingdom.  





 How would you like to get someone unstuck from what's been holding them back their whole life?


How would you like to take your leadership skills to the next level, learning how to truly empower people into their callings?


How would you like to lead people into potential they never imagined they had?  

 Join us on this unique leadership coach training which will quickly and radically develop your skills and your influence. You will learn the art of coaching the heart, tapping into the very core motivations of those you lead, following a professional comprehensive coaching model with a Biblical Holy Spirit based edge.

Coaching is a powerful way of empowering people to find answers.

On this highly interactive practical and spirit led leadership coach training, you will learn life transforming skills.


Fundamentals of Kingdom Leadership Coaching 

A dynamic fast paced introduction to our unique coaching model. You will be learning the empowering coaching attitudes and how to use them as an expression of kingdom, listening and honour. You will step into being a coach leader, learning to go deeper into listening on multiple levels, tuning into the heart and the spirit and developing deeper awareness to coach to breakthrough. You will pick up a toolkit to get you coaching straight away! 


You will learn how to:

  • Help people find their own solutions without giving advice
  • Learn how to operate from the essential coaching attitudes that cultivate a culture of honour
  • Navigate through a coaching conversation using the structure of a coaching session
  • Recognise and operate on different levels of listening
  • Identify and work with personal core values
  • Connect people with their motivation and passion
  • Utilise excellent heart transforming coaching skills 
  • Create safe environments and cultures for exploration, inventiveness, creativity and encounter
  • Engage your creativity in a coaching framework, developing your own personal style
  • Use a transformational coaching toolkit to empower people past obstacles and bring fast breakthrough

Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing this weekend course, you will:

  • be able to lead a structured coaching session
  • be able to ask powerful questions to unlock the hearts of those you are coaching
  • have a bag of Christian Biblically based coaching tools (which can be easily used in the marketplace)
  • be able to take coachees through a process which will result in significant transformation
  • be able to unlock the dreams and desires of coachees activating them to take small actions that will enable long term transformation
  • significantly increase your effectiveness as a coach and leader
  • be able to listen and operate on multiple levels (both natural and Spiritual), bringing greater clarity to the client


Why Destiny Coaching Ministries?

Destiny Coaching Ministries has developed a unique set of Biblically based coaching tools that enable heart and mind change, propelling people into their purpose.   Our approach to training is highly interactive & creative, whilst adhering to professional guidelines to ensure you are fully activated to apply coaching in whatever arena you chose. We put God at the centre of all we do, hearing from Him to direct our own lives and our business. Our ultimate goal is to see each person we train and coach know God intimately and be guided into the person that He intended them to be.  Consequently, as well as being trained to help others you will receive very valuable personal development.


Course Format

  • A total of 18 hours (3 days) of classroom based training, plus reading time
  • This programme is approved by The Kingdom Coaching Network, a global community of believers who promote, train and develop leadership coaching resources to empower lives God's way.
  • It  follows ICF (International Coach Federation) guidelines and is being prepared for full ICF accreditation.


Professional Credentials

Our course follows ICF (international Coach Federation). This is the best known globally recognized accreditation body for coaching.

This fundamentals weekend qualifies you to take part in our complete programme should you wish to, which then enables you to license with Destiny Coaching Ministries and the Kingdom Coaching Network.



Previous courses have been attended by market leading professional coaches and trainers, church and ministry leaders and consultants. Those brand new to coaching AND those who have coached for many years.

Jill McLachlan, Seasoned Professional Leadership Coach for 20+ years talks about her experience. 
Donna King, Senior Leader at Eastgate Church, Gravesend, speaks of her experience. 


The Trainers

The Coach Training Leadership Development Programme is run by Tina Southgate (author of programme) and a growing team of trainers and facilitators. 

  Tina Southgate is an experienced coach and coach trainer, running her own coaching company since 2006.  Previously in corporate management roles, she created and led teams and developed leaders.

Tina works internationally in the UK, and North America. Tina has a heart to raise up an army of Christian coaches, to help empower and activate people in all areas of society to be all they were created to be. Tina completed 3 years at a leadership ministry training school, based in Redding, Northern California. Since then, in 2012 Tina founded Destiny Coaching Ministries and in 2014 she co-founded the Kingdom Coaching Network.  Tina has authored many Destiny Coaching Programs devising coaching tools which include God in the process of discovery. At the beginning of 2015 Tina launched the Coach Training Leadership Development Programme designed to equip leaders and coaches with a coaching model, which takes coaching to a new level to include spiritual development, heart transformation, calling discovery and guided encounters with God, whilst adhering to strict industry standards (ICF). Tina remains a guest trainer on the Bethel Coach Training Program and at the Bethel School of Ministry along with visiting ministries and market place organisations both in the UK and USA. 

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